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I. Posting publications. DOES NOT POST its own publications, but only makes public the materials received from participating authors and ONLY once they have confirmed that the materials are their own, or are retrieved from public resources without any violations of copyrights and that their publication at will not violate any rights reserved .

Here is the text of the agreement:
Conditions for publication

1. I hereby confirm that this publication belongs to me or is taken from an open source and its publication at will not violate any copyright.  The images or descriptions do not contain any Copyright, logotype, site name, etc.  I have also been warned that the administration of will hand all of the information they posses on the publisher to the owner of the materials, should a breach of authorship be discovered.

2. This publication DOES NOT CONTEIN

- pedophilia, child pornography, or ANY photos of undressed children (it is absolutely evident that the model is below 18)
- zoophilia, necrophilia in any shape or form;
- any materials prohibited by the legislation of USA;
- materials unfit for an entertainment resource (bloody scenes, dead bodies, violence)

3. I have read and understand the rules on posting to specific sections and have placed my entry to the appropriate section as is dictated by the rules;

4. I understand and agree that is a private resource and that the Administration of this site may refuse to publish my post at without any explanations.

I have carefully read the rules and guideline and confirm that my publication fully conforms to them.

II. Responsibility for maintaining publications

Authors-publishers are responsible for the fulfillment of their responsibility to upload the publications without violating any authorship rights or copyright, since can not ensure to adequately verify the content (if you have an image without copyright or logotype then there is not procedure to verify whether the authorship is protected or not), which is why the responsibility for making any information public rests with the publishing user.

III. Responsibilities of Users

If a user posses unquestionable evidence of the fact that any of our publications violate any laws, rules, copyright, or procedures, the user must inform the staff via e-mail, providing us with the publication number, reasons and evidence for it being unlawful or unethical. If the provided evidence attests to the publication’s unlawfulness we will immediately delete it from the server, and its author will receive a warning.

IV. Viewing materials at

Website sees itself as a library, where “… copies of works presented in digital format may be given out for temporary use free of charge only at library premises, excluding the possibility of making unsolicited copies of materials in the digital format”.  Thus, “making copies is absolutely prohibited” and is not acceptable, and we warn users that making copies and saving materials (publications) to their hard disc or any other electronic storage is carried out by users at their own risk, since does not give out for free, trade or sell any of its Materials.

V. General terms

Any user may use the site absolutely free of charge.  If a user wishes to claim any special privileges, then he/she purchases the VIP-privileges in exchange for a nominal payment, which we use to cover the spending connected with maintenance of the server.

If you do not agree or if you have not reached the age of 18 – we urge you to leave this site immediately.
Viewing the materials published at automatically attests to that you fully agree with the terms of use presented by

How does it work:

Each registered user of receives a personal account. The currency is a single view. Currently, one thousand views is equivalent to USD 0.2.  Registered users may post materials at «», including anecdotes, caricatures, recipes, and much-much more - «» has many sections!
When a publication is view, it receives page-views, moreover, each publication receives a rating.

The page-views data is processed once a day.  There is a program that counts the number of page-views since its last launch (i.e. if the program had not been launched for two days, it will process the statistics for the past two days, and so on) for entries (counting only the publications which have a rating of at > 5.9 at the time) and credits the accounts of authors of respective entries with the earned number of page-views (the formula is given below).

Moreover, when viewing publications, a registered user may choose to view all publications indiscriminately, or to view the ones he/she had rated before.

Now, prior to getting to use our services, please get to know or rules, and FAQ.

Rules and Guidelines (July 20th, 2004 version)

§1. Registration

1.1 To Register you need to enter your e-mail address, name or nick and a password.  Once the registration is completed, you will receive a confirmation email at the address you have provided.  If the registration is completed with a non-existent e-mail, the registration will be annulled.  In case of successful registration, your account will be credited with 2500 views.

§2. Account

2.1 Filling up your account.
2.1.1 At registration, each new user receives 2500 views;
2.1.3 It is possible to acquire views at users’ auctions;
2.1.4 When the calculation program is launched it uses the following algorithm:
  a. Calculates the SUM – the sum of all views performed by user since the last calculation
  b. Calculates S1 - 20% of the SUM. It is the number of views distributed among the authors of publications, viewed since the last calculation

How S1 is distributed among the authors.
1. Only publications (posts) rated at least 5.9 at the moment of calculation - earn views
2. Each publications’ earnings for the author are calculated according to the following formula:

Z = T*(N*R)/L; S = Z * 0.2, where

  • S—author’s earning ;
  • Z—20% of the total number of views in the period since the last calculation;
  • T—sum of views for all publications;
  • L—sum of publication views by their average rating;
  • N—the number of publication views in the period since last calculation;
  • R—the current average rating of the publication;

2.2 Using Views.

A registered user with over 2500 views in his/her account can:
2.2.1 transfer the views to a different user;
2.2.2 pay for viewing pay-per-view publications;
2.2.3 pay for using VIP-privileges.

§3. Publications and Ratings

3.1 Publications must meet the following guidelines:
3.1.1 Publications may be posted in sections of second or third level down, as well as in root sections. Publications must fit the section it is published in.
3.1.2 Uploaded images should be in .jpg, .png or .gif format and their size should not exceed 250 Kb.
3.1.3 It is prohibited to upload files of .exe, .com, or .bat format.
3.1.4 It is not allowed to publish copyright protected materials.  Publication of any materials marked with copyrights symbols, website names, watermarks or any other attributes, speaking of the material’s origin will be deleted, and the publisher will receive three warnings.
3.1.5 It is not allowed to use HTML tags and JavaScript in text publications.
3.1.6 It is prohibited to publish materials of erotic content with minors.  If such publications are detected by the administration, they will be deleted, and their authors will be seriously fined or banned.
3.1.7 Publishing materials that break any legislation is prohibited. If such publications are detected by the administration, they will be deleted, and their authors will be seriously fined or banned.
3.1.8 All publication containing explicit content can ONLY be published in the Erotica-XXX, Erotica-Video-XXX, Erotica-unusual-shocking and in the sub-sections of these sections.

3.2* You can make some of your publications paid-for, that is users will have to pay a certain amount of views from their accounts to view your publication.  The earned views will be transferred to your account.  Paid publications can only be posted in the following sections: Erotica-private (and all of its sub-sections), Prose (own), Poetry (own), Painting (own).  If the registered user is not the author of the publication, then he/she must indicate the source of the information or a name (e-mail) of the publication’s author.
* Currently, due to serious misuse of paid publications, pay-per-view content may not be created.  We plan to reintroduce this service in the future.

3.3 The average rating of a publication may not be considered accurate before some statistics are collected.  This is why we use an average-weighted rating.
The average-weighted rating for a publication may be calculated if at least five users have voted.  In all other cases, the rating indicator will be left at 0.

WR = (v/(v+m))*R + (m/(v+m))*C , where

  • WR—average-weighted rating;
  • m—a constant, which depends on the average quantity of ratings for publications in a given section;
  • Ń—is the average rating for publications in a given section;
  • v—the number of ratings per publication;
  • R—the average rating of publication.

3.3.1 The site administration may delete ratings of ‘1’, if their quantity exceeds 30% of all ratings in other publications.
3.4 You can select one of the modes for viewing publications:

  • Viewing new publications only;
  • Viewing all publications.

3.5 Publications may be deleted by the «» administration in the following situations:

  • Duplicate publications;
  • If there are complaints (1% or more of all views, but not less than 5) received of a publication being filed in an incorrect section;
  • Publication containing materials that break any applicable laws.

3.6 Complaints. If for any reason you feel that a publication should not be posted at, you can tell us about it by selecting one of the standard messages.  If your complaint does not match any of the offered messages, you can enter your own message text in the appropriate window.

3.7 Wrong section. Materials posted in wrong sections are removed by the «» site administration, and in case a publication is removed its ratings and views are annulled, and the careless user is fined by 50 views per each wrongly filed publication.  If a publication is hidden/removed the authoring user receives an e-mail warning.  Once the publication is placed into a correct section it is once again made available for viewing.

3.8 administration reserves the right to delete publications and users.

3.9 administration reserves the right to use all published materials to their discretion.

3.10 Guidelines for the <Erotica-private with proof> section.
The <Erotica-private with proof> section EXCLUSIVELY accepts publications the authorship of which you are able to prove.  All other publications should be published at <Erotica-unusual>, and to its appropriate sub-sections.
In order to avoid flooding of this section with inappropriate publications, we ask to ONLY post materials that you can prove are your own.  Sample proofs:
·  A sheet of paper with a <Show> sign on it in the hands of the photographed person;
·  the <Brainparking> website open and visible at a monitor in the photo;
·  a photo of the empty room/facility in which the photos are taken;
·  a photo of a table where the submitted pictures are laid out;
·  anything else that may prove to us and users that these are you own private photos.
Moderation of this section will be carried out in the most severe manner, for inappropriate publications, users will be fined by 250 views, and we ask you to abide by the rules stated-above to avoid any inconvenience.

§4. Users

4.1 Users are fully responsible for the content of their published materials.

4.2 Registered users will be deleted, entailing the loss of all earned views, in case they are caught cheating, if fraud is detected, and in case they file publications, distribution of which is prohibited by law.

4.3 It is strictly prohibited to cheat in ratings and views, or to register fake users in order to artificially boost ratings.  If such actions are caught, registered users will be deleted, entailing the loss of all earned views, or will be fined with the loss of all rating and views earned for his/her publications. Note: Instances, when due to proxy-server connections (one office, class, etc.) a publication receives numerous ratings from a single IP-address - will also be considered as fraud.

4.4 Warnings. Posts, published in the wrong section may either be hidden or moved to an appropriate section by the administrator. If an entry is moved, the authoring user receives one warning.  If the publication is moved to a closed section from a public one – the user receives three warnings.  If a publication is deleted, the user receives from one to three warnings, depending on the reason for the publication’s deletion.  Moreover, warnings may be given for unacceptable behavior or for advertisement in the forum.  When 10 (ten) warnings are received the «» administration will impose punishment on the user, but the warnings will be annulled .

4.5 A registered user may be deleted if he/she does not visit «» for over six months.  Personal user information on views may be deleted after three months of not using the resource.