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Services, which you can use at the viewing publications page

1. Each publication has an ID. How to get the ID and how to view publications by their ID?
The publication ID (or key) can be found at the top of a new window, right after the publication title. For instance: “Superpublication!!! [Pub N:12345]». This means that the name of the current publication is — « Superpublication!!!», and its ID is — 12345. If the name is so long that the ID is not visible, it can be viewed by right-bottom-mouse-clicking on the clear field, next to the logotype of Pokazuha.Ru and selecting “properties”. At the top of the new window you will see the name and ID of this publication. Knowing the publication ID, just type in the page address field (URL), where 12345 – is the number of the entry you are looking for.

2. How to quickly get to the homepage?
You will see the site logotype at the upper left corner of any page, click on it to quickly get to the hompage.

3. How to see who is the author of publication, and also see his/her other publications?
The author’s nick can be found above the publication’s title, in the blue information field. If you would like to see the other posts the author has made – click on the nick. You will be shown a table with the best publications by this author. Click on the titles to view the entries.

4. What «Rating: X (Y)» mean?
It means that the average-weighted rating of the selected publication equals X, out of Y number of votes for it. Until there are more than 5 votes for post, the X value will stay at 0. The aerage-weighted rating is calculated based on the average rating and the number of voters.

5. Where can I more details about this publication’s rating?
Click on the “Rating” link, and you will get the statistics of votes for this publications.

6. What does “Views: X” mean?
It means that the publication has been viewed by users X times. It should be taken into account that it is does not equal to the number of views the author will earn.

7. How to give a rating and go to the next post in one click?
On the right – there is a multicolored rating panel. If you click on the text description, and not on the number – the entry will be rated and you will be taken to the next publication in one click. This option is made available for user convenience

8. How to rate a publication and stay at it?
The rating should be given either in the blue form at the bottom of the screen, or on the right, in the multicolored panel, but by clicking exactly on the number, and not the text description.

9. What does the “Next” button do?
This button selects the next publication to be viewed in the feed, the title of which you can find above the publication name. By clicking at different areas of the homepage, you turn to different newsfeeds. For instance, if you click on a publication in the newsfeed, you will automatically be taken to the “Newsfeed” and the “Next” button will take you to publications within that particular newsfeed. If you had clicked on a small image of some newsfeed at the homepage, then the “Best in Section” newsfeed is selected, and so on. The name of the current feed can always be found above the name of the publication.

10. What does the «Similar > button mean»?
This button will select random publications rated above 5 from the current section (the name of the current section can be found above the name of the publication in small black bold font), and it sub-sections.

11. I am somehow offended by the publication. How can I let the administrator know?
Select “Complaints (X)” in the blue information block. X in the parenthesis shows how many complaints have been already filed for this publication. You can also click “Leave a complaint” link at the bottom of the screen.

12. I have already seen this publication – this is a copy. How can I let the administrator know?
Click either on the “Repetitive (X)” in the blue information block (X in the parenthesis shows how many complaints of repetitive content have been filed for this entry) WE WILL ONLY CONSIDER THE COMPLAINS WHICH INDICATE THE IDs OF REDUNDANT ENTRIES

13. The publication is filed to the wrong section! How can I let the administrator know?
In the blue information box there is a “Wrong Section” link, just click on it to report.

14. I like this publication, how can I show it to a friend?
At the bottom of publication, in the blue line there is a “Send link to a friend” link. Click on t and enter the email address of your friend. All the rest we will do ourselves.

15. I have something to say about this publication, how can I do that?
Click on either “Comment (X)” in the blue information box (X in parenthesis shows how many comments have already been left for this publication), or click on “User comments (->Add) (exactly on “Add”) at the bottom of the screen.

16. It seems that the image is incorrectly compressed. How can I see it in full size?

If there is no defect in the image, than by clicking on the image itself, the image will be made available for viewing in full size. But if the picture is just like that by virtue of nature – then there is nothing we can do :)

18. Above the multicolored form for rating, there appear some strange arrow-like icons, “new” or an eye. What are they?
There are three kinds of icons: 1 – and arrow “new”. It means that you have not seen this publication before. 2 – eye. It means that you have already seen this publication, but have not rated it. 3 – a box with a checkmark. It means that you have seen and rated this publication.